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stylish crowd

stylish crowd community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
fill the application form to be accepted and get the stamp

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this is a photo/picture community where you can post pics of your fav outfits and stuff you created or bought in a thrift store or flea market..
you post pictures.
when posting a few pictures in a row,
posting nudity or anything too controversial,
please use a cut tag or make the entry
"friends only" where applicable.

pictures of you. pictures of your clothes.
pictures of your sketches. pictures of your
. pictures of clothes that you made.
pictures of stuff you've customised. pictures of clothes you love.

If we think you're a good member of the stylish crowd we will give you the "approved" stamp that you have to put on your userinfo page.

oh but don't post those
silly quizzes on here.
if you're posting outfits
or photographs by someone other
than yourself, please give credit to that person.
no text only posts + no more than 2 posts each a day, please.

we won't love you if you piss us off.
if you can't follow rules, we'll delete your
posts and maybe even you, where applicable.

promoting other communities without permission is not allowed, otherwise you'll be banned or the post will be deleted.

be nice.

community maintained by laurynthewitch and dreamofdecember

OWNED by laurynthewitch.
any questions; contact her.

thanks to dreamofdecember for graphics and layout!